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ASA Grama Vidiyal

ASA Grama Vidiyal has its office in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. ASA took 12 years to get its first 100,000 members, but the next 100,000 were added in just 12 months. It now has a member base of 250,000 is a Private Sector Organisation that offers services in NGOs. In 1996, ASA moved into microfinance, starting ASA-Grama Vidiyal as an in-house unit. The impetus was a perceived grass-roots need for microfinance-led activities, says Arjun Muralidharan, chief executive of Grama Vidiyal.

ASA Grama Vidiyal Contact Number :
Phone Number : (431) 2763980 2763752

ASA Grama Vidiyal Contact Details :
2-ASathiya illam10 th Cross Alli Street Annamalai Nagar
Trichy : 620018 Tamil Nadu ,India .
Phone Number : (431) 2763980 2763752

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