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AshadeepAshadeep was formed in 1996 at Guwahati to provide psychosocial rehabilitation to individuals who are impaired or disabled by a mental disorder. The focus is not on interventions at the clinical level, but in trying to reduce the impact and burden of mental disorders on the lives of both patients and families. The experiences as a care giver at the individual family level led to the conceptualization of each of Ashadeep’s programmes. Each new programme of Ashadeep has evolved from an already existing programme, based on what was felt was required at the community level.

Ashadeep Official Website :

Ashadeep Contact Number :
Head Office Phone Number : (91)-(361)-2456837
Mukul Goswami: +91- 94350 43308
Anjana Goswami : +91- 98640 77861

Ashadeep Contact Details :
Piya Apartments,
Kanaklata Path, Lachitnagar
Guwahati 781 007
Assam, India
Phone # (91)-(361)-2456837
Fax # (91)-(361)-2380027
E-mail :

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