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Computerskill Ltd

Computerskill Ltd works a one of the dominant business venture in the industry and throughout the lifetime of the company, it has remained one of the constantly growing firms in terms of revenue and remained strong even in the recent recession times. Established in the year 1987, the growth of the company is credited to the owners and the management of it which includes Bijal J Gandhi, Bijal J Gandhi, Dinker M Broker. The Computerskill Ltd netted a sum of $2.0023 million in the last financial year that is alone capable of telling the success story of the company. With good management and a customer base of loyal customers, the Computerskill Ltd has a promising future.

Computerskill Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : +(91)-9602560008

Computerskill Ltd Contact Details :
Laxmi Chambers,13 – B, 1st Floor ,
Navjivan Press Road Opp Old High Cout
Ahmedabad-380014, Gujarat

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