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Swasti Vinayaka Gems

Swasti Vinayaka Gems Corporation was established in 1985. It has got its present name on September 20, 2005. Previously it was known as Swasti Vinayaka Finvest Corporation. The company offers sculptured artifacts like divine and special artifacts, animals, photo frames; trades in cut and polished stones, diamonds, emerald stones, finished goods, jewelry, paintings, rough stones, other precious stones; and has investment activities.It has big presence at various places in Mumbai. Swati Vinayaka Gems offers gallery and other events. Real estate is another area of business and premises are offered on rent in the Western suburbs of Mumbai.

Swasti Vinayaka Gems Registered Office Contact Details :
303, Tantia Jogani Industrial Estate,
JR Boricha Marg, Lower Parel,

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