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Shiv Sena Contact Details

ShivsenaHindu nationalist political organisation in India founded on 19 June 1966 by political cartoonist BAL Thackeray. The party originally emerged out of a movement in Mumbai demanding special treatment for Maharashtrians over migrants to the city. The party has a powerful hold over the Bollywood film industry. It is currently headed by Thackeray’s son, Uddhav Thackeray. Members of Shiv Sena are referred to as Shiv Sainiks. The Shiv Sena particularly involved a large number of displeased and often unemployed Marathi youth, who were attracted by Thackeray’s charged anti-migrant public speaking.

Shiv Sena Official Website :

Shiv Sena Contact Number :
Shiv Sena Helpline Number: 022-24222222

Shiv Sena Head Office Contact Details
Address: Shivsena Bhavan, Dadar(w), Mumbai – 400028
Contact Number: 022- 24225267/ 24371199
Fax: 022-24211717

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2 comments on Shiv Sena Contact Details

  1. Mi Borivali (W) la rahte. Sunday la Borivali station la BJP chi Rally jat hoti…Parantu Sir hi Rally Marathi Bhasha tar lambchi gosht … tyanchi Rally Gujrati bhashet jat hoti…. He pahun ruday atishay Jalal oh…Please sir tumhi kahi action ghya oh hyavar… kay hot aahe he aplya Maharashtrat? Apan Gujrat la jaun Marathi bhashet Rally kadhali tar tithe te lok gapp bastil ka? Nahi na sir.? Mag apan ka gapp basun he sahan karat ahot.? please sir he sahan nahi hot aahe hyavar kahitari action ghya. 🙁

  2. Respected Sir

    I request you to do something in removing the slums on the footpath in Agripada, Byculla, Madanpura which has been occupied by illegal Bangladeshis and from north India. They have occupied footpath as well as road from both the sides very little place for the pedestrians and the traffic to flow. They make the place dirty and they are nuisance to the society and people living around. there are schools and residential buildings around.
    I will be very grateful to the new government of yours if you do some in removing these slums from our locality.

    thanks very much

    philip amolik

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