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RRB Allahabad

rrb-allahabadAllahabad is an important town of Uttar Pradesh in India. Government of India has set up railway Recruitment Board office in the city for the sake of requirement and to provide you better services and assistance of new flanged amenities. The Railway service commissions were renamed as Railway Recruitment Boards in the year 1985 in January. In 1990 RRB Allahabad had started its services there in the site on Sardar Patel Marg, Allahabad. Afterwards the office later shifted to a new accomodation in DRM Office.

All the RRBs offices came beneath the direction of the Railway Recruitment Control Board which was established in the Ministry of Railway Board to synchronize and modernize the operations of RRBs offices in the year 1998. RRB Allahabad holds the recruitment process for Group C employees for Allahabad, Lucknow and Moradabad locations of North Railway division. Also Diesel locomotive Works, Varanasi is included in RRB Allahabad workstation.

From some years only RRB Allahabad was allotted the extra duties for recruitment of Group D staff as well, it was prior the authorization of zonal railways only. By the reorganization and division of railway sectors, RRB Allahabad has recently given the liability of recruitment job for North Central Railways too, which even consist the NCR center of operations bureau at Allahabad and the 3 distribution at Allahabad, Jhansi, Agra. S.K.Mathur is the chairman of RRB Allahabad,

Postal Address: – RRB Allahabad
Opposite to G.M./NCR Building
Near Subedarganj Railway Hospital
Allahabad – 211 033
Phone – (0532) 2222541, 2222585, 2430471, 2430472

Monday to Friday is the working days of RRB Allahabad.
Saturday and Sundays are official holidays with national holidays too.

The working hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Applicants can anytime contact RRB Allahabad within the above written information and timings. Website of RRB Allahabad is

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