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Classic Construction Pune

Classic ConstructionBorn in the year 1989, Classic Construction is a construction company. It deals in developing and promoting various kind of constructions like luxurious flats, apartments, gated communities and various commercial complexes.

Classic Construction Pune Official Website :

Classic Construction Pune Contact Number :
Phone Number : 02026447537
Afzal Khan : Mob. 9422026068
Shahista Khan Mob.: 9422004822

Classic Construction Pune Contact Details :
Enggineers & Contractors,
2390 Hidayatulla Road,
Camp, Pune-411001,
Phone No:02026447537
Mob. 9422026068 Afzal Khan
Mob. 9422004822 Shahista Khan
E-mail :

It is headquartered in Pune which is also its major operational area. Among its project it has recently constructed a Hotel at PATAS with all modern amenities and international architecture. In its real estate services it also offers independent, Commercial and Investment Real Estate Consultancy services.

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