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Mathura-VrindavanMathura is land of Lord Krishna. Known for its innate connection with Lord Krishna, Mathura has been immensely visited by tourists quite often. Witnessing the influx of the tourist all around and to promote the development of the city in most desirable way, government has come up with Mathura development Authority. The basic objective of this Mathura Development Authority is to foster and ensure the development of the undeveloped parts of Mathura city. The basic idea is to promote newer projects of housing, commercial interest. Not just the new schemes are properly implemented by MDA but also old land and disposing off old land.

Mathura Development Authority Official Address

32, Civil Lines,
Uttar Pradesh

Mathura Development Authority Phone Number: +0565 2470360

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Mathura Development Authority Official Website

Mathura Development Authority is instrumental enough in promoting the schemes good enough to serve the interest of the people of the city. Understanding how important it is for an individual to have a complete surveillance and proper growth, MDA has effectively etched out recent proposals to make this city a developing one. MDA is a competently focussed organization with pool of experts in concerned aspects like town planning, infrastructure and other things. Mathura Development Authority is also undertaking this fact very sincerely that newer housing projects demand lot of modern taste and temperament and since lots of newer properties are emerging out, MDA is leaving no stone unturned to make the city a desirable place to live.

All modern tools and equipments are being used to give best to the city. All kinds of infrastructure developments like site development, Drainage, Road development has been part of MDA and monitoring them from time to time. Mathura Development Authority ensures that there long lasting industrial development of the city. To know more about newer plans implemented by Mathura, go and explore the official website The roads are well constructed through MDA and cleanliness, suitable plantation of trees is major importance too in the city.


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