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GSRTC Contact Number

GSRTC Travels is the best traveling services in Gujarat. It is one of the authentic bus services possess by state. It has been given all easing travel services with plenty of commitment and accountability. Traveling in Gujarat has become quite pleasing and easy with the comfortable GSRTC Travels. GSRTC Travels is the one travel service to offer great and finest services within the reach of common man too. GSRTC Travels is very well known for taking care of their passengers and treat them at first always. The travel buses have got modern and appealing management, a comfortable journey with absolutely well accustomed Volvo Buses and deluxe buses is a nice experience. Air-conditioned & non Air-conditioned buses both are anytime available, which are reasonable too. They consist most excellent of bulky fleets of contemporary style buses in both air conditioned and non air conditioned version.

GSRTC Contact Details

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation
Central Office,
C/O Central Workshop GSRTC,
Naroda, Ahmedabad.

GSRTC customer Care Toll Free Number – 1800-233-666666

GSRTC Official Website: http://www.gsrtc.inE-mail:

GSRTC Mobile Ticketing

The bus services for adjacent places like Vadodra, Rajkot, Surat, Gandhidham, Jamnagar, Junagarh, and other cities of Gujarat can be availed from GRSTC Travels 24× is an official website for online bookings on GSRTC Travels. You can also find the apt information about the kinds of buses, tariff plans, and other travel associated enquiries. Through this site one can also know about different ideas for travelers well-timed.

GSRTC offers all kinds of details from its official website. website is updated from time to time. It offers all kind of information related to travel. Log on to go for e-ticket and related queries. Customer Care is absolutely skilled in providing all kinds of services. It is certain that you would be satisfied with all services they provide. Please call us at 1800-102-8747 (Toll Free) to book on the phone. All of them are ready to serve all kinds of enquiry. In case of any doubt, do speak to the administration. The email address is

26 comments on GSRTC Contact Number

  1. 30/4/2015 ni rate bapunagar to khambha ticket book karavi online sbi mathi payment karyu payment thai gai pn ticket book thai nathi

  2. Last night I book the ticket bapunagar to khambha in online 2:14 am bt my sbi account in cut the rupees 192 bt nt ticket the book in gsrtc what I do ?? Please help me

  3. I have booked ticket from Vadodara to Dhandhuka on 8th may 2015, Surprisingly my payment was deducted through SBI but my ticket was not confirmed. Kindly help me to get my money back

    1. I have booked ticket from ahmedabad to vapi for 02/11/2016 for 4 person
      NILAY MISTRY AGE 45,ILA MISTRY AGE 43, VISHAKHA MISTRY AGE 16, RAMESHBHAI PANCHAL AGE 77. Surprisingly my payment was deducted through HDFC BANK but my ticket was not confirmed. Kindly help me to get my money back

  4. mene jamnagar to adipur ki ticket gsrtc ke app pe se nikalvayi thi but uska msg or email muje milahi nahi or to or couduter ne bhi mana kar diya.uske chartme ticket and name bata rha tha fir bhi mana kiya.ab es me kiss ki galiti me pruf kese du ticlet batayi jo app me aati he vo but mana kardiya.

    muje nayi ticket niklvani padi 175 ki or account mese bhi 160 cut huve es ka refund kon dega?

    or aapki 24*7 ki jo help line he vo abhi tak kisi bhi lagi nay he fir likhte kayu ho sirf nam ke liye?

    muje rifund chahiye eska ticket ka screen sort attechd kar raha hu so plzz rly fast

    jignesh chandra

  5. મેં આજરોજ 26/01/2016 ના અંજાર થી મહેસાણા ની 27/01/2016 ની બે ટીકીટ ઓનલાઈન બુકિંગ કરી મારા બેંક ના ખાતા માંથી બેલેન્સ કપાઈ ગયું પણ બુકિંગ પોર્ટલ ટીકીટ બુક નથી બતાવતી

  6. Ihave bookesd ticket two times from ambaji to vadodara on 27th january 2016 but some problem system so ticket was not booked but payment was deduct form my account & still we not get refund money..

  7. i have Just Booked 1 Ticket From Ahmedabad to Palitana for 25-Feb

    Ticket Print not showing in History

    Rs Cut From SBI Net Banking A/c

    Ticket Confirmation Not Recieved By SMS or E Mail.

  8. I have booked ticket from Ahmedabad nehrunagar to Voradara on 26 Feb 2016 8 AM, Surprisingly my payment was deducted through ICICI but my ticket was not confirmed. Kindly help me

  9. I have booked ticket from Mundra to somnath Round Trip on 23 March 2016 Return 27 March 2016 my payment was deducted through SBI but my ticket was not confirmed. Kindly help me to get my money back

  10. વિષય: બીન અધિક્રુત એસ.ટી બસનું સ્ટોપ બંધ કરવા બાબત….
    ગોધરા થી ડાકોર આવતા ગોધરા એસટી ડેપોની હદમાં પંડયાપુરા ઉદલપુર પાસે કિષ્ણા હોટલ આવેલ હોય જે હોટલ જે હોટલની આસપાસ અનેક ક્વૉરી આવેલ હોય જે ક્વૉરીનો ડસ્ટ ધુર ઉડતા રાતના અંધારામાં કોઇ બસ યાત્રી રોડપર બીજા સાધનમાં જવા માટે જલ્દી ઘરે જવા રોડપર ઉભા રહેતા ક્વૉરી ના ઉડતા ડસ્ટમાં અને આમને સામને આવતી ગાડીના લાઇટના ફોકસ્ માં રોડપર ઉભો રહેલ યાત્રી આવતા જતાં વાહણ ચાલકને ના દેખાતા અકસ્માતનો ભય હોય જેથી તાત્કાલીક ધોરણે બીન અધિક્રુત હોટલપર ઉભી રહેતી ગુજરાત રાજ્યની એસ.ટી બસોને હોટલપર સ્ટોપ બંધ કરવા બાબત તજવીજ ધરવા મે.કરશોજી. લિ.ચેતનસિંહ.એસ.ઠાકોર, મું.વેજપુર, તા.ડેસર(સાવલી), જિ.વડોદરા

  11. What d hell! Total shit.. Booked the ticket from Ahmedabad to Surendranagar for 7pm on 13th may,2016, The bus got late by more than 2 hours..tried calling at the Nehru nagar bus station..but no one picking up d phone.. Totally disgusting service..

  12. મુ.જુનાગઢ
    શ્રી મેનેજર સાહેબ ,
    વિષય:-બસ કેન્સલ થતાં પૈસા પરત જમા કરવા અંગે
    જય ભારત સાથ જણાવવાનું કે મેં ઓનલાઈન ટીકીટ બૂક કરાવેલ જેના PNR NO.G12785077 છે .ગુજરાત બંધ હોવાથી બસ કેન્સલ થતા આ ટીકીટ ના પૈસા આજ દિન સુધી જમા થયેલ ન હોય ,આ બાબતે સત્વરે
    યોગ્ય કરવા અરજ છે .

    પરમાર રઘુવીરસિંહ પી.

  13. There is no conductor in night shift inGodhra bustend. Mostly bus Are coming without conducter. So what can we do for tickets???

  14. I have booked ticket from Mandvi(Bhuj) to Vadodara on 12th Nov 2016, Surprisingly my payment was deducted through BOB but my ticket was not confirmed. Kindly help me to get my money back

  15. Dear Sir

    I hed book 2 ticket on 14/10/2016
    with pnr no. G13382721 & G13382627 AMT rs. 242/- & 1035/-
    both canceled on 30/10/2016
    from that i recd a refund only rs.193/- on 30/11/2016
    but other ticket’s amt not recd in my credit card till today
    also i got a cancel ticket msg on my phone by sms on 9374535529

    pls do the needful

    subodh c shah
    9376970021 9374535529

  16. i have booked ticket through gsrtc site ..ticket is not booked and payment deducted…

    i think site is not working properly…we are not getting ticket message…

    very poor performance ..continuously happening same…

  17. my self prakruti trivedi. i have booked my two tickets for surat to tharad-vav in sleeping class for 07-02-2017 from surat central bus stand. they charged me 742.00 rs. when i checked on online reservation website its shows only 604.00 rs plus online transaction charge 20.00rs.

    my query is why there is 140.00 rs deference is coming.

  18. I have booked ticket from mandi(bhuj) to palampur for the dated 9.10.2017 payment done but ticket message not received on my mobile or not any mail of ticket please reply

  19. I had booked ticket from Baroda to Bhavnagar online from my HDFC debit card. Amount 142 was deducted from my account but ticket were not booked. Date and time booking were 12th September 2017. Kindly please see into this matter..

  20. તારીખ:-૨૮/૧૦/૨૦૧૭
    શ્રી મેનેજર સાહેબ ,
    વિષય:-બસ કેન્સલ થતાં પૈસા પરત જમા કરવા અંગે
    જય ભારત સાથ જણાવવાનું કે મેં તારીખ ૧૮.૧૦.૨૦૧૭ ના રોજ ઓનલાઈન ટીકીટ બૂક કરાવેલ જેના PNR NO.G17184734 આ મુજબ છે. પરંતુ બસ કેન્સલ થતા આ ટીકીટ ના પૈસા આજ દિન સુધી મારા ખાતા માં પૈસા જમા થયેલ નથી ,તેથી આપશ્રી સાહેબ ને જાણવવા નુ કે આ બાબતે સત્વરે પગલા લઈ મને મારા પૈસા મારા ખાતા માં જમા કરાવી આપવા મહેરબની કરસોજી.

    દિપક નામદેવ પાટીલ

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