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ShopatplacesIf you wish to take online purchasing of products, explore Shopatplaces. This is an online shopping portal where people do virtual product buying. This is a user-friendly website. Shoppers log onto that. They browse plenty of products from leading brands. You can trawl through as many goodies you want. Once you come to choose a few, the order is placed. You enter the delivery address and contact details. The delivery boy takes your status and checks with your availability. Sometimes products are delivered at customers’ offices as well. For more information about Shopatplaces, call or visit the customer care or website of company… Official Website : Contact Number :
Enquiry/Customer Care Phone Number : +91-11-29916572 Customer Support Email Id:
Feedback :
Corporate Sales :
Suppliers & Business Partners:
Media Relations :
Affiliates :
Photographers, Models and Bloggers :
Other Business Enquiries :
Careers : Address Details :
Customer Support – Shopatplaces,
c/o High City Retail Private Limited,
C – 110, Raju Park, Khanpur,
Devli Road, New Delhi – 110062.

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